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What our brokers say

As a broker, I struggle to find people who understand the complexities of Islamic finance.

Having known Offa’s executive team for years, I know they are some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the UK Islamic finance sector. And we are proud to work with them.


Nizam Patel

Our experience with Offa was exceptional. Their commitment to Sharia compliance sets the standard for what a bridge finance company should aspire to be, providing a much-needed alternative for clients seeking financial solutions that align with their religious beliefs.


Ashraful Islam

I wholeheartedly recommend Offa to anyone seeking a more personal and ethical approach to property finance. Throughout my journey with Offa, Sayful’s dedication and availability were unparalleled, and it felt like I had a trusted advisor by my side at every turn.


Mozammel Haque - Dentist

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