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Why Offa? We open the doors to your property ambitions, enabling you to realise your potential as you move up the property ladder.

We are the UK's first bridge finance provider operating an ethical finance model designed in accordance with Islamic finance principles. Faith is at the core of our vision, brand and service.

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We operate smoothly and swiftly, helping you to secure unmissable property opportunities by stripping out unnecessary bureaucracy and complexity from Islamic finance.


We pride ourselves on the quality and integrity of our service, driven by a team of dedicated and expert professionals in property finance.


Offa is led by the strongest Islamic property finance team in Britain, consistently providing a reliable and trusted way to do property business, step by step, brick by brick.


We put faith into property. Led by Islamic principles, we operate transparently and ethically, seeking to make a positive difference to our customers, industry and wider society.

Residential Bridge

A popular product for those seeking to purchase a new residential property quickly e.g. in auction, or whilst waiting to receive sales proceeds or bank finance on an existing residential property.

Commercial Bridge

A product developed for those with urgent capital requirements to meet as they arrange long-term refinance or the sale of their commercial property.

Light Refurbishment Bridge

An ideal product for those wishing to carry out property refurbishments that do not require planning permission, improving your residential or commercial asset, helping to attract new tenants or boost the value before refinancing or a sale.

Heavy Refurbishment Bridge

This product is designed for those seeking urgent finance for major building work, such as structural reconfigurations, extensions and change of use, that will add value to their investment, and is subject to planning being in place.

Auction Bridge

This product is ideal for those needing to complete their property transaction quickly, often in 14 or 28 days, as required by the auction house, and a conventional mortgage cannot be completed in time.

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Whether you’re an aspiring landlord or seasoned property investor, it’s natural you will have questions about Islamic finance and the difference with conventional lenders, the process involved in applying for bridging with Offa and the costs involved.

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Our FAQ section answers some of the most commonly asked questions.

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