We are the first bridge finance provider in the UK real estate market to offer financial products designed in accordance with recognised universal Islamic and ethical financing principles.

Nubnk Ltd t/a OFFA was set up to shake up the status quo and provide an alternative approach to finance underpinned by ethical and social harmony. We fundamentally believe that long term success is only established by ensuring all stakeholders are given the due consideration they deserve. We encourage socially responsible projects which benefit the local community and society at large.

Given our extensive experience in this market we understand our customer’s needs and are well placed to meet them. We are fast, efficient and reliable. We offer a professional, straightforward and no-nonsense service. We are open and transparent in all our dealings and prioritise high quality customer service. We will work alongside you to ensure you receive the most practical solution to your financing needs.

We named our business after King Offa who brought the first Islamic coins into England, an act we see as a fitting metaphor for our business. Islamic Finance has been around for over a millennium in much of the world and is popular for its ethical and risk sharing approach.