About Offa

We're Offa. We put faith into property.

Whether you're an aspiring landlord or a seasoned property investor, we open the doors to your property ambitions, enabling you to realise your potential as you move up the property ladder.

Traditional property finance has yet to catch up with the modern world. Accessing essential finance can be confusing, needlessly complex, and often compromises our most cherished values and ethics. Not at Offa!

We provide you access to Islamic property finance stress-free, interest-free, and doubt-free.

Every step of your journey is supported by the leading experts in Islamic finance, helping you to secure unmissable opportunities swiftly and smoothly, giving you the confidence to make your next move.

What separates us from others? Faith. We put faith into our vision, values, and service. Just as you put faith into your every intention and opportunity that arises.

We believe in giving back: from donating a share of our profits to charity, to providing paid leave for our staff to undertake philanthropic work in the community.

In short, guided by Islamic principles, Offa helps you to do property business the right way, giving you the freedom to climb the property ladder on your terms.

Together, we put faith in our future to create a better and fairer property sector and society for all.

Image of house objects climbing up ladder

A little more about Offa

  • Our reputation has been forged on consistently giving a reliable and trusted way to do property business, step by step, brick by brick. As an accredited provider, we ensure your financial choices are underpinned by Islamic principles, delivered to you by the strongest Islamic property finance team in Britain.
  • We're always on the front foot, acting swiftly and smoothly without ever compromising our integrity, ready to help people reach their property ambitions, giving you the freedom and confidence to explore your next move.
  • Real people are at the heart of our business. We support and collaborate with people from all walks of life to create a better world. We encourage our staff to support charitable causes that matter to them, including by giving them paid leave for philanthropic work.
  • We are constantly striving for a fairer and more efficient property finance sector. We use our collective expertise and harness cutting edge technology to offer competitive solutions as part of our industry-leading service.

Offa's name

Offa gold dinar coin

Our name Offa is inspired by King Offa, a visionary and powerful ruler who lived in England between 757 AD and 796 AD. His Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Mercia is today more commonly known as the Midlands.

During his reign, King Offa pioneered trade relations with Muslim rulers abroad. He produced a dinar (gold coin), which had both his name and Shahadah - the declaration of Islamic faith - inscribed on it, demonstrating not only his entrepreneurialism, but also a willingness to embrace other cultures for the common good. It paved the way for the deep-rooted connections that exist between Britain, Europe, and the Muslim world.

Today, we continue King Offa's fine legacy by leveraging his name as we drive forward with Islamic finance that is tailored for Britain.